One of my class Post (CT101)

What makes me happy on the Internet?

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YouTube Is where I spend most of my time. It either YouTube or Netflix. You can find a lot of videos or people you relate to on the app. Most of the time I’m watching gaming videos. Madden NFL  and NBA 2k are the two game videos that I always watch. People tend to rage a lot when they play games which is funny because I do the same. If you ever played 2k20 you would know the game makes a lot of people rage.  Some of my favorite YouTubers that I watch are Flight, CashNasty, Chris smoove and TDBarrett. I do have a lot more that are entertaining but these are the top ones.

On Netflix I move from show to show and sometimes have no idea what I want to watch. I have watched most of the popular trending shows already and I am always looking for new ones.

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Sometimes playing games online could be intense 😂