We all know the Nba season is coming up and a lot of basketball Fans are excited. There are a lot of trading going on which is surprising. the new NBA season starts on december 22, 2020. There will be a total of 72 games which is shorter than the regular NBA season. Due to corona the last season was delayed and many players were getting the virus.

The top 100 list just came out and many people are okay with it but many are not. I would make some changes to it as well. Some players got played on that list. One big youtuber who did not think the list was made correctly is FlightReacts.

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I am a really big sports fan. Basketball is my favorite. But I enjoy other sports like soccer, ping pong, football, tennis and four squares. Growing up I was more into soccer . I use to play soccer every morning in middle school. Even though I use to go to class all sweaty but I had fun. Something I would not do now is go to class sweaty, I can’t do it. But before I did not care. Me and my friends every morning before school opens up or the bell rings we were always in the yard. We would set up a time so we have as much time to play as possible. We would also play during lunch if they let use go outside. We would have to be behave during lunch so we could go outside. But once I reached high school that when I got more into basketball. I met new friends who really liked playing basketball. But way before that I use to play basketball but not as much. I played way more soccer in middle school. High School was more basketball. Almost every day after school. Sometimes in the morning to but some people started coming to school late and we stopped. I was also introduced to ping pong in high school. I was not the best player but I was pretty decent. Tennis was a very short run for me. I use to practice everyday at the park at my middle school. It only lasted 2 months.